Adding a Hyperlink

Posted by Vipin, Charnwood CAB.

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The Hub

CC colleagues have suggested that instead of having to cut and paste a hyperlink, why not make it so that you can click on the link direct from a posting. The designers have now done this and I am testing this by posting a link here. Thank you to David Scruton, CBC for suggesting the change.

To add a hyperlink, cut and paste it in the box below and then to click the box 'Insert Link'. You should see a link appear in the main body of your posting and once you click 'Add Comment', the link will be activated. Have fun.

Louise, The Bridge on 24 Feb 2015

Great, excellent change. I like that I get email notification when something has been added to the Hub now ( once is enough though!)

Eric, CCAB on 25 Feb 2015

i received the advisory 4 times as well

Vipin, Charnwood CAB on 25 Feb 2015

Louise and Eric - thanks for your comments the issue of multiple emails is acknowledged and will be resolved - keep on truckin'