Changes to Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy

Posted by Ian, CCAB.

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Subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, from October 2015 there will be some changes to rules and conditions surrounding Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy.

Currently, a person only needs to owe £750 or more for a creditor to be in a position to issue bankruptcy proceedings against them (a creditors petition). This limit will rise to £5000. The £750 limit has been in place since 1986. This is a positive move, as it prevents creditors form making debtors bankrupt for relatively small debts.

The debt limit for a DRO will rise from £15,000 to £20,000, making more people eligible for this remedy. The asset limit will also rise to £1,000 (previously £300) but the maximum vehicle value remains at £1,000, as does the disposable income limit of £50 per month.

Robin, The Bridge on 26 Mar 2015

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