JSA and Homelessness

Posted by Vipin, Charnwood CAB.

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Communities Inc have produced a Black Jobseekers Guide for young black people to help them secure a job. Funded by the Nottingham Building Society the guide was produced as a response to young black people saying existing job seeking resources were often confusing, filled with jargon and difficult to navigate. The guide covers 3 key barriers helping young people to consider where they look for jobs, how they best complete and application form and how to make the best impression at interviews.

Louise, The Bridge on 19 Nov 2014

Thanks Vipin, could you send a link to this guide please?

Louise, The Bridge on 19 Nov 2014

Ah, I have looked it up on their website and the guide is being produced, not available yet. Thanks for drawing attention to it.

Louise, The Bridge on 13 Jan 2015

The report for CC Forum on JSA and sanctions is interesting, I have circulated it to colleagues, as is the report cited in Hostels Liaison Group - http://www.hlg.org.uk/index.php/news/987-government-pilots-benefit-sanctions-scheme-for-homeless - do take a look.